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 Access-to-MySQL converter allows users to do indirect conversion and get more control over the process. Using this method, the program converts MS Access data into a local MySQL dump file instead of moving it to MySQL server directly.
 http://com-net-com.com/software/data-recovery/access-to-mysqlLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 2008.3.1.0424
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 Database Web Explorer is an universal Web-based database manager intended to work with DBMS in Internet/Intranet networks. Database Web Explorer uses usual Web-browser as a client-application. Database Web Explorer does not required installation on the client-side any additional ActiveX-components and others plugins. It was developed with ASP technology and used ODBC access to database.
 http://www.monocerossoft.comLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 1.04
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 EMS MySQL Manager provides you powerful and effective tools for MySQL Server administration and objects management. Its Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows you to create/edit all MySQL database objects most easy and simple way, run SQL scripts, manage users and administrate users' privileges, visually build SQL queries, extract or print metadata, export/import data, view/edit BLOBs and many more services.
 http://www.ems-hitech.comLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 1.2.5
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 EMS QuickDesk Lite edition is inexpensive but effective and powerful tool for InterBase/FireBird administration. It helps to create and edit all database objects (Domains, Tables, Views, Triggers, Generators, Stored Procedures, Exceptions and UDFs), search in metadata and extract metadata. This tool has full support of Interbase 6/FireBird services such as Backup/Restore databases, Shutdown database, Server Properties and so on.
 http://www.ems-hitech.comLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 2.2
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 MSSQL to MySQL Converter database translator software converts SQL Server database records of MySQL format. Database administrators, computer professionals can convert their large database which contains thousands of records. MSSQL database converter application has easy to use wizard style interface with full install and uninstall support. User can convert database into new destination database or overwrite existing database.
 http://www.sanmaxi.orgLast Updated on 12/16/2008 5:08:00 AM
 DownloadVersion 5.0.1
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 How to Recover Lost Excel Password? This is very simple to recover lost excel password by using PDS Excel Password unlocker tool. Best Excel password solver tool rapidly scan XLS file and collect all XLS password and gives you full permission on locked XLS file. PDS Excel Password Solver tool perfectly able to recover lost excel password from all version of XLS files. Unlock Excel file quickly by investing only 19 USD.
 http://www.recoverlostexcelpassword.comLast Updated on 10/31/2011 2:59:00 AM
 DownloadVersion 5.5
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 Database Administrators rejoice! Now you don't have to compare and synchronize databases run by SQL manually. SQLBalance compares the structure of two databases line by line, object by object, and highlights the differences! It shows full information about the object in the form of table and as a DDL script, so you can understand the differences easily. Then these databases are in synched object-by-object or entirely (one-click).
 http://www.dswsoft.comLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 1.2.0
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 DTM SQL editor is a set of powerful database management tools that allow you to achieve two goals - to have unified access to different types of databases and to have a set of solutions that makes processing your data easy. DTM SQL editor gives database users, developers and administrators an ability to access different databases, whether desktop or client-server ones (provided you have ODBC driver installed). Get your free demo version now.
 http://www.dtmsoft.comLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 2.02.60
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 This universal mtc package will track and organize mtc for any type of object such as vehicles, equipment, copy machines, motors,...etc. STRACfast automatically calculates maintenance due for an object and issues reports, detailing the required maintenance due. Track maintenance for an unlimited number of objects. Departments can also be defined to categorize objects. Assign an unlimited number of user-definable maintenance items for each object. These items can be tracked by month, mileage, km, hours, years, weeks, or days intervals. You can even define your own tracking units (ie: Copies). Calculating when maintenance is due is referred to as performing a maintenance check. A maintenance check can be performed on the entire group of objects, selected objects, or by department. When maintenance is performed, it is easily recorded into the software. Parts, labor, service provider, comment data, and costs can be tracked for each maintenance entry. A maintenance history log will be automatically generated for all preventive maintenance, repairs, inspections, and costs. An extensive parts and vendor database is also available with inventory support. Up to 25 custom fields can be defined and tracked for each object. If needed, many types of warranty and insurance data may be tracked for each object as well. If applicable, closely monitor fuel consumption using the fuel tracking utility. A wide range of reports are included, along with the ability to customize. All reports have the ability to be exported to external files, databases, or spreadsheets for further analysis. Although STRACfast is very flexible, it is also very easy to use. A self-running tutorial provides and easy way to get started. Both online and phone support is provided.
 http://www.mtcpro.comLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 2.0


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