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 Arclab MailMe! Pro is a CGI (Common Gateway Interface) executable designed to automatically process information from web page forms and send the results of a submitted form as an email message. MailMe! Pro can be integrated with existing web pages and catalogs. It interacts with standard HTML form tags embedded in html,asp,... pages. It allows you to create contact forms, registration pages, order forms or any other form. The included easy to use form wizard helps you to create a basic form, but you can also use MS Frontpage or any other editor to create the form. The manual contains detailed instructions how to create the form. The mail can be either in HTML format, text or from a template file. Mailmepro.exe works on Windows NT/2000 based webservers and requires an SMTP server accessible from the webserver. It resides in the servers cgi-bin or scripts directory with execute access permissions.
 http://www.arclab.comLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 2.03
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 CGIScripter enables web developers to instantly write Perl CGI Scripts for MySQL, Oracle, Access and SQL Server database servers. Feature include: -- Dramatically improves developer productivity -- Improve security of web applications -- Save thousands in infrastructure costs -- No ODBC driver licensing required for UNIX web servers -- Host MySQL data at virtually any ISP -- Leverage open source software including Apache, Perl, DBI -- Quickly prototype web applications -- Multiple platform support -- Process images via the web with ease -- Utilizes web security best practices for Perl CGI programming -- Automated form data validation -- Auto-Enter web form values -- No syntax errors -- Economical site license Perl CGI scripts are generated for each form specified within CGIScripter and include customized data entry and data validation for each web form. The Perl CGI scripts generated by CGIScripter automatically provide support for insert/update/view/delete of GIF/JPEG images via a web-based interface. The Perl CGI scripts generated by CGIScripter are designed to follow industry standard best practices regarding web form processing. Critical web form processing parameters are hard-coded within each script instead of being accepted via POST or GET operations - thus preventing web form hijacking. Web attackers cannot view sensitive data by guessing at and passing in their own database column names for processing. Database columns containing more than 255 or 4000 characters of text are implemented as the appropriate large text column type in the selected database (generally supporting 65000 to 4 billion characters). Image data is implemented as the appropriate BLOB type of database column in the selected database. CGIScripter is a multi-platform development application available for MacOS X, Windows, Linux and Solaris. A free demo version of CGIScripter may be downloaded for each platform from www.cgiscripter.net/downloads/index.html. The CGIScripter demo is fully functional for generating Perl CGI scripts and saving configuration files, allowing developers to fully test the generated scripts for their intended application. For more info please see: www.cgiscripter.net/products/cgiscripter
 http://www.cgiscripter.netLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 1.62
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 DateSite v1.0 is a multi-browser compatible perl script that quickly and easily permits you to set up and maintain an extensive and well organized personals directory under Windows or Linux with a minimum of effort on your part. DateSite v1.0 is highly flexible and completely generic so that it can be used by virtually anyone with very little modification.
 http://www.spriteworks.comLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 1.0
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 JobSite v1.0 is a multi-browser compatible perl script that quickly and easily permits you to set up and maintain an extensive and well organized employment directory/archive under Windows or Linux with a minimum of effort on your part. The listed resources can either be stored on your server (archive) or linked from the author's website (directory).
 http://www.spriteworks.com/jobsite.htmlLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 1.0
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 This software designed for the internet, it will serve to your visitors a fully functional slot machine game that needs no plug-inís or downloads. The game images are refreshed after the game is played through, so there is no interruption as the game is played. The software is designed specifically for the Apache http server, but will also run on any other server on remote or local systems. The features this software offers: 1. Windows self installer program. Easy to install and is completely automated, installs just like any other windows program, no need to do any modifications or troubleshooting of the cgi programs. Guaranteed to install the first time and run right out of the box with no errors! Includes automated uninstall. 2. Visitors do not need to download anything, runs right from your web site. No extra plug-inís needed. 3. Easy to use game console. Selections are, Start game (starts existing game), Reset game (resets new game to the starting dollar amount), Casino on/off (turns background sound on and off). 4. Visitors game is stored in a small 1 Kb file on the server, every time the visitor comes back to play the game it automatically recognizes the visitors machine and he or she has the option of continuing the existing game or resetting the game file and starting a new one. 5. Counter that counts every time the slot machine goes through one cycle, all users are recorded on the same counter. 6. Lighted and flashing bet and spin control buttons, lights up to show button is active and flashes to show what has been selected. 7. Lots of flashing lights and effects along with full sound effects for spin, winning and bets just like the real thing.
 http://softnet-software.netfirms.comLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 2.3
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 add guest book to your web site! - Multi-pages display - Specifies number of messages per page - Total message count - Email, ICQ and Homepage icons support - Next and Prev Buttons support - Checking for required fields - Warning messages for missing fields - Message preview after submitted - HTML tags filtering - Multiple line in message support
 http://www.usingit.com/Last Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 1.0
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 9 power casino games. Play Blackjack, Roulette, Caribbean Stud, Craps, Baccarat, Slot Machine, Video Poker, Keno. entirely new interactive software platform feature realistic 3D sharp graphics & stereo sound effects,This Version is a Single-player games in real-time you can bet for fun or in real mode, user-friendly interface that have become the leading edge in online gaming industry.
 http://www.number1-3d-casino.comLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 1.7
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 This game represents itself several game genres combined together. You are to control a so-called BLOCK HUNTER. The main difference between this game and an usual Arkanoid lies in the length of every isle-stage. You are to climb higher and higher by breaking through the blocks now. Many new obstacles will appear on your way to the top. Breaking the blocks will sometimes cause dropping the credits off them. By utilizing credits you can purchase the additional devices for your Block Hunter. They can be used while passing a stage. To activate such devices just press 1-0 buttons depending on the number of a pocket where the needed item is shown. Bonus balls can also be bought in a shop using the credits. In case youre low on credits, theres the opportunity to transfer your scores or a bonus item to the particular amount of credits.
 http://www.alawar.com/Last Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 1.0
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 CGI Expert is a components suite for Delphi 2,3 and C++ Builder 2,3 that makes CGI, ISAPI and NSAPI as easy as dropping a component into a form. Includes features like: Live debugging, live charts, cookie management, session variables, smtp mail, fileupload etc. New version includes supports for C++Builder 3 and more features, improvemnets and bug fixes.
 http://www.cgiexpert.comLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 3.04
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 Quickly shutdown Windows by clicking on a tray icon. Use with care, It does not ask if you are sure. It just does it!
 http://mtm.50megs.comLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 1.5
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