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 Note That! is a small and compact program to help you keep notes on your desktop. It automatically loads your notes on start-up and saves them on exit. It can be shrunk to reserve dektop space and the interface language can be selected between greek and english.
 http://www.crosswinds.net/~spyros1973/Last Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 1.2
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 Property Manager uses clear, pre designed e-mail forms to allow users to request changes to the basic attributes in their Exchange Server profile, such as address and telephone number. Designed with simplicity in mind, Property Manager uses centralized installation and management, giving administrators effective control over configuration and support. Administrators also retain full control over the user request process through the ability to specify authorization requirements, even configuring the process for zero administration.
 http://www.mcleanconsult.caLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 2.0
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 Add powerful HTML conversion capabilities to your Windows, Internet or Intranet applications. Dynamically create HTML documents from virtually any Windows document (including Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and many others) or legacy file. Use purepage from any language that supports COM, including Visual Basic, Delphi, Active Server Pages (ASP), Cold Fusion and C++ .
 http://www.purepage.comLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 2.8
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 Test-Run is designed to protect your computer from the hazards of testing new software. It creates a copy of your Registry to use for testing purposes. Double-click the Switch icon toggles between the test Registry and the real one. The test Registry displays special wallpaper, so you wont confuse which Registry is which. After testing, switch back, and all registry values are restored. Test-Run is easy to use and gives ultimate protection to your Registry. Excellent documentation is included.
 http://testrun.cjb.netLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 2.1.0
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 High quality slide-show screensaver with effects, MP3, online and wallpaper functions.
 http://www.vikarplus.com/screensaver.htmlLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
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 (Was WinSize) This lets you resize almost any window.
 http://mtm.50megs.comLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 1.6b
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