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 Mit der Professional-Edition von Active Vocab haben Sie Ihre Vokabeln fest im Griff. Sie können Ihren Vokabeln Kommentare, Attribute und Synonyme zuweisen sowie Querverweise auf Vokabeln. Der Lektioneneditor ermöglicht Ihnen auf effektive Weise das Zusammenstellen von Lektionen nach Ihren Anforderungen. Der Trainer erkennt, ob Sie ein Synonym eingegeben haben oder auch eine in der aktuellen Lektion nicht gefragte alternative Übersetzung.
 http://www.vokabeltrainer-av.deLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
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 BFD provides fast online translations between the following language sets: English -> French, English -> German, English -> Italian, English -> Portuguese, English -> Spanish, French -> English, German -> English, Italian -> English, Portuguese -> English, Russian -> English (only in Windows NT, 2000 or XP), Spanish -> English, German -> French, French -> German
 http://www.1dotsoft.comLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
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 The SAT Word Mage prepares you (or your students) for the verbal SAT. With engaging graphics and sound, this program takes the learner through a variety of learning and quizzing scenarios with complete data tracking and high classroom usability. It teaches 360 words in all with 10-word groups taught in 20-minute sessions each. Thus, total time is about 14 to 18 hours, depending on the learner. It is self-paced, for home, classroom, or lab.
 http://www.pathoslearning.comLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
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 Electronic thesaurus. Groups the words having the same meaning.
 http://www.langsoft.chLast Updated on 2/4/2011 4:08:00 AM
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 A suite of 10 vocabulary games in one package! Teachers enter the vocabulary list with words or phrases that the students are currently studying in class. When the students get on the computer, they can learn the words with animated flashcards, interactive quizzes, Hangman, Word Scramble, Concentration, Letter Drop, Word Search, Asteroid Blast, Safe Cracker and Word Zap! Any number of vocabulary lists can be created and stored. It is unbelievable how excited students will get about learning vocabulary with this program!
 http://www.gepetosoftware.comLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
 DownloadVersion 2.3
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 Vocab-Flash 2 is the sequel to the popular Vocab-Flash. This time around, there are 9 all-new, addictive vocabulary games to sharpen students' vocabulary skills. Games include: Crosswords, Blind Tiles, Code Breaker, Speed Type, Slot Machine, Freeze-It, Jail Break, Cannon Shot, and BreakThru!
 http://www.gepetosoftware.comLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
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 Cool Notes is a program to help you store all your notes.(Recipes, Web site links, Birthdays, Appointments) You can store anything that is text in Cool Notes. Up to 1 Million notes can be entered. You can use Cool Notes over a network to share all your notes with your staff if you would like. Cool Notes will also help you print and find your notes as well. Cool Notes has a very easy to use interface and you will be up and running in only a couple minutes! See what it can do for you.
 http://scp.on.caLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
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 ShrinkWrap is a utility that compresses Windows programs to about one third their original size, while leaving them 100% functional. ShrinkWrap will compress your Windows 9x/NT4/w2k 32-bit Portable Executable (i.e. PE) Image files, OCX files, and Dynamic Link Library (i.e. .DLL) files, or any PE based file type. ShrinkWrap compresses the code, data, selected resources, import/export table of a win32 executable and optimizes its structure. Once ShrinkWrap compresses a file, it inserts a small piece of code -- a symbiote -- into the PE file that decompresses it at file runtime. Load time can actually be improved in some cases because less data has to be retrieved from the disk or network. This all occurs seamlessly to the end user.
 http://theDigitalDetective.comLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
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 Is someone using your computer to Sign-On to AOL? The Guest will log ALL passwords typed to log-on...your screennames and any Guest Sign-Ons that occur. The program is very lightweight and is completely invisible. (40k installed) Dat.txt will be written to a folder of your choice containing : The Date, Sign-On time, Screenname and password of every log-on that is not internally stored.
 http://blackboxforaol.hypermart.netLast Updated on 7/2/2008 6:15:00 PM
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